Asterisk Asterisk

Asterisk* will be a physical centre, based at Shandy Hall. Asterisk* will also be an online focus for narrative study and development internationally.

Asterisk* will enable artists, technologists, academics and students to engage in narrative experiment and research. Since Tristram Shandy, our culture has been increasingly influenced by the way in which information and stories are delivered and received. Today, new media – particularly the Internet – have brought the notion of divergent story-telling into everybody’s lives.

In our present society, where information is increasingly fragmented and juxtaposed, where media are rapidly converging, and the distinction between creators, editors and audiences is often blurred, it is both exciting and reassuring to discover an ancestral voice that engaged with, and brilliantly foresaw, the challenges and extraordinary opportunities that our modern condition offers.

Tristram Shandy is not only significant in the cultural canon as a non-linear forerunner to Joyce, Woolf, Beckett, Godard, Eno, Greenaway and Tarantino, but playfully and brilliantly constructs and deconstructs the conventions of narrative. It makes use of multiple media as devices to tell its stories, and, in actively soliciting a dialogue with its reader, it demands a creative participation from its audience. Tristram Shandy is the direct antecedent of contemporary hypertextual and non-linear, convergent media experiments.

To find out more about Asterisk* please visit the website.

New book inspired by Shandy Hall – ASTERISK* is a sequence of poems by Paul Munden. The book is a personal interpretation of things Shandean, combined with photographs by Marion Frith of the house and garden. Available in Hardback or Paperback .