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Sterne’s writings have always attracted illustrators and painters. He writes of intimate encounters between men and women but leaves the reader unsure as to who has the upper hand. Is one taking advantage of the other, or is the encounter mutually beneficial? Artists have created works that reflect this duplicity of intent.

Please find below a selection of different paintings and prints. To find a specific item in the Shandy Hall Collection search the Catalogue.

widow wadman and uncle toby ceramic

Uncle Toby and the Widow Wadman, Copeland Model, 1890

uncle toby and widow wadman sit beneath a tree

Uncle Toby and the Widow Wadman, Samson Model, c.19th century

Scene of an inn yard with carriages arriving and departing

Inn Yard at Calais by Frederick George Byron

Figure of Doctor Syntax

Figurine of Doctor Syntax, unknown

Image of a monk and nun heading a procession both carrying swords.

Returning from a Review at The Champ du Mars in Paris by Frederick George Byron

A horse drawn carriage in collision outside The Excise and Post Office (London)

Scene in a Country Town and the Time of a Race by W. Mason

a clerical alphabet

A Clerical Alphabet, Drawn and Etch’d by R[ichar]d Newton, 1795

Four hand-coloured engravings of scenes from A Sentimental Journey

Yorick and Father Lorenzo; Yorick at the Grave of Father Lorenzo; La Fleur taking leave of his Sweethearts; La Fleur and the Dead Ass by Richard Newton, 1794

The Chevalier de St. Louis, Richard Newton

The Chevalier de St. Louis, Richard Newton, 1794

The Wig, Richard Newton

The Wig, Richard Newton, 1794

A glass commemorating the Dicky Bird Society

A glass commemorating the Dicky Bird Society

Laurence Sterne Nollekens bust Shandy Hall

Bust of Laurence Sterne by Joseph Nollekens

uncle toby leans forward to inspect widow wadman's eye

Uncle Toby and Widow Wadman, C.R. Leslie, 1848

Yorick stands at the counter of a glove shop, opposite the glove seller

The Beautiful Grisette, (after) G. S. Newton, unknown

yorick looks into the eyes of the beautiful grisette

The Beautiful Grisette, W. P. Frith, 1853

yorick and the grisette clasp hands over the shop counter

Yorick and Grisette, Abraham Solomon, 1852