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Winington Case

The book contains 10 seperate pamphlets. Pamphlet 1; 'The Case of the Right Honourable Thomas Winnington, Esq; by Thomas Thompson M.D physician in ordinary to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wale's Houshold. 1746' 24 pages. Pamphlet 2; 'The case fairly stated in a letter from a member of Parliment in the country interest to one of his constituents. Printed for Cooper, London 1745 40 pages. Pamphlet 3; 'A letter to Doctor Thomson in answer to the case of Right Honourable Thomas Winnington Esq. by William Douglas M.D printed for J. Roberts London, 2nd Edition 1746, 27 pages. Pamphlet 4; 'The Instructions sent by the Regency of Hanover to the Privy counsellor De Busch Electoral Minister of the King of Great Britain at the Court of Dresden. Together with a Letter from an Hanoverian Minister to a member of the Parliament of Great Britain. Printed for Cooper, London 1744 32 pages. Pamphlet 5; 'A letter from a Physician in Town to Another at Bath concerning the case of the Right Honorable the Late Earl of Orford. printed for Cooper, London 1745 34 pages. Pamphlet 6; 'The Impartial Secret History of Arlus, Fortunatus, and Odolphus, Minister of State to the Empress of Grand-insula' printed 1710 40 pages. Pamphlet 7; 'Admiral Matthew's Account of the Action in the Mediterranean,' Printed by cooper, London 1745 23 pages. Pamphlet 8; 'Admiral Matthew's charge against Vice-Admiral Lestock dissected and confuted by a king's Letterman printed for John Millan, London 1745 56 pages. Pamphlet 9; 'Vice-Admiral Lestock's Recapitulation, as spoke by him at the bar of the Hon. House of Commons on Tuesday 9th April 1745. Printed for John Millen London 1745 27 pages plus one page of adverts. pamphlet 10; 'An Enquiry in to the conduct of Capt. M--N. Being Remarks on the minutes of the court- Martial, and other incidental matters. By a Sea- officer printed for W. Webb London 1745 29 pages.
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