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Title page of first sermon; A Sermon Preached before the...Lord Mayor of London, The Court of Alderman, and the Governors of the several hospitals of the city at the parish-church of St. Sepulchre, on Wednesday in Easter-Week. Being one of the Anniversary Spittal Sermons. By Robert Moss, D.D, London 1709 printed and sold by H.Hills 53p. +6pp adverts. Second sermon; An Enquiry concerning the grounds and reasons, or what those principles are, on which two of our anniversary solemities are founded...By Thomas Cubb 1732 printed for T.Cox 66p. + 2pp adverts. Pamphlet; A defence of Dr. Clarke's evidences of natural and revealed religion by Henry Stebbing, D.D printed 1731 Pemberton London 104p. Pamphlet 2; Divine Rectitude or, A brief inquiry concerning the Moral Perfections of the Deity; particularly in respect of creation and providence. Printed for Pemberton 1730. 62p. +2pp adverts. Pamphlet; An appeal to reason, in a comparison of the belief of the Christians and the Deists. 1730 Printed for Smith; sold by Knapton, Bettesworth and Hazard, London 101p. Pamphlet; A Moral Proof of the Certainty of a Future state London 1725 printed for W. and J. Innys. Preface + 102p +2pp adverts. Pamphlet; A Supplement to the Case of Arian Subscription Considered. By Daniel Waterland D.D 1732 Printed for W. and J. Innys. 76p.
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