Happy Spirits - An exhibition by Carry Akroyd

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Happy Spirits - An exhibition by Carry Akroyd

2015 - 14th June 15


Exhibition open - Daily (except Saturday) 11am - 4.30pm 

All works for sale 

Carry Akroyd is a painter-printmaker whose work has sometimes been reproduced on book-jackets, and at other times she makes work specifically for book-jackets. Also an occasional illustrator, Carry works only on subjects that are an extension of her usual interest. For This Happy Spirit, the whole book was partly her idea. Therefore the boundary between her own work and commissioned work becomes vague; the threshold between inspiration and illustration hard to identify precisely.

Carry's images examine the relationship between humans, landscape and wildlife, alongside formal concerns about colour, pattern, shape and balance. Her interest in history, geography, botany and birds all inform her representations of contemporary agricultural landscapes. 

The large serigraphs are colourful and expressive screen-prints often with added mixed media; striking from a distance they also draw close attention to small details, textures and gestures that are part of the construction of the whole. The very hands-on method of working means that even in a small edition no two prints are exactly the same, as they are invented and responded to in the making.

Most of the black and white linocuts in this exhibition are illustrations from the latest selection of John Clare poems published by The John Clare Society: This Happy Spirit. Also shown here are screen-prints made recently for the book of the BBC Radio 4 series Tweet of the Day. In an appropriate follow-up to such an ornithological task, this year Carry became the 'Bird of the Month' illustrator for The Oldie magazine, and some of these are also on show.

Carry was awarded an MA with distinction from the University of Northampton, and is a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists and shows with them in London each year. She exhibits regularly in a few galleries in England, Scotland and Wales. Last year the Birdscapes Gallery chose Carry for their Conservation through Art Award : 'for her rare ability to make heart-felt environmental statements through the medium of superbly-appealing art'.

Carry is the cover artist for a new series from British Wildlife Publishing. In 2011 she edited Wildlife in Printmaking for Langford Press, in which she brought together work by 22 printmakers whose subject is the natural world. Her own book 'natures powers & spells' records a sympathetic connection to the nineteenth century poet John Clare, a 'ditch visionary' whose writing has been a continuing source of inspiration.

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