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Different Voices: Francis Spufford

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Different Voices: Francis Spufford

7:30pm Medical Society Rooms, Stonegate, York.

General event

Ticket: £3.00

Francis Spufford is a writer particularly interested in the tricky edges where different kinds of books meet and blend.  For most of the past twenty years, he's been principally an author of non-fiction (I May Be Some Time, The Child That Books Built, Red Plenty, Unapologetic) that plays around with the tools and techniques of different genres. He now describes himself as 'a writer of non-fiction who is creeping up gradually on writing novels'. This year, he has his first novel 'The Golden Hill' coming out, a book both set in the eighteenth century and deliberately influenced by the fluid, wide-open storytelling of the period when the novel began.

This evening he will talk about what it's like to wind the novel back to its starting-point, and about what he has learned from Fielding, Smollett, and (of course) Laurence Sterne.

Time: 7:30pm onwards

Location: Medical Society Rooms, Stonegate, York YO1 8AW

Tickets: £3.00 in advance (including refreshments) 

Limited numbers

This event is supported by Arts Council England

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