A Bitter Draught - the Starling and Slavery

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A Bitter Draught - the Starling and Slavery

2006 - 8th October 06


17 September 2006 – 8 October 2006.

Artists exploring the themes of social justice, citzenship and slavery - heralding the 200th anniversary of Parliament abolition of the slave trade in 2007.

Museum specimens, DVD, stained glass, text, sculpture and installations by contemporary artists.

The exhibition was inspired by a section of 'A Sentimental Journey' by Laurence Sterne.

The narrator hears a voice in an alleyway in Paris repeating the phrase 'I can't get out' and discovers the cry for help is coming from a caged starling.  The encounter causes the narrator to reflect upon liberty and imprisonment and he declares to the reader that he considers slavery to be 'a bitter draught'.

Featured work is Paper and Patience
Carolyn Thompson
Woven book leaves (3 copies of A Sentimental Journey, Laurence Sterne)
24cm x 30cm (x3)

Paper and Patience is created using a passage from Laurence Sterne’s A Sentimental Journey. Incisions have been cut between the words of the passage to create a lattice into which blank strips of paper have been woven covering the majority of the text.

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