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10 May 2015

10 May 2015 – Moon Hedge

Moon Hedge 

Moth-trapping is about to start in earnest at Shandy Hall.  The delay has been partly to do with the exhibition which opens today in the gallery.  The title of the show is Happy Spirits and the paintings, serigraphs and lino-prints are by Carry Akroyd.  Carry has shown a number of times in the gallery, usually works relating to John Clare and the countryside, and this year’s title refers to a new collection of work selected by RKR Thornton and Carry herself.  This Happy Spirit is ‘a collection which celebrates the joyfulness of Clare’s writing’. Her mothy image, based on observations at Shandy Hall, fits perfectly.

The exhibition opens at noon today and continues until 14 June, open every day (except Saturday) 11am – 4pm.