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11 September 2018

11 September 2018 – Sallow and Button

Orange sallow (Xanthia citrago)

When I went out to see what the night had brought it was clear that it was not going to be an easy job.  Crane flies and wasps, beetles, caddis flies and midges were in the majority and although there were moths hiding in the egg-cartons, the majority were Large Yellow Underwings (Noctua pronuba), Broad-bordered Yellow Underwings (Noctua fimbriata) and dozens of Setaceous Hebrew Characters (Xestia c-nigrum).  A bright yellow Brimstone Moth and a perfect Blood Vein gave splashes of colour alongside an Orange Sallow which was in lovely condition.

The Orange Sallow has also only appeared once when it was recorded in 2014.  The link here will take you to that date where there is a short account of its biography.

(Acleris emargana )

Acleris emargana

was also last seen four years ago and that was the only record for the garden at Shandy Hall.  Information about it was posted here on the blog so if you wish to see the little history for this moth, please click on the link. It flies with rapid wingbeats and when it settles it almost disappears.  It has a common name of Notch-wing Button and the notch can be seen in the photograph close to the insect’s leg on the left hand side of the wing.  It is a small notch.

Going through the species list on the Yorkshire Moths Flying Tonight website it seems that most of the moths in the top thirty or so have all been recorded in Coxwold, but the two above give evidence that each variety is not numerous.