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15 August 2014

15 August 2014 – Secluded in the Eye of the Storm

Dusky Sallow (Eremobia orcholeuca)

If I had seen this species before, I couldn’t remember it.  It’s not new to the garden in Coxwold as Dave Chesmore had identified (but not photographed) it on a moth-trapping evening here some years ago.  A strikingly attractive moth, it was quite easy to recognize although this was quite a worn and battered example.  The checked pattern to the edges of the wings had nearly disappeared and the thick hairs on the head can be seen to be worn – but this individual had survived the dregs of Hurricane Bertha so it is worthy of respect.  

The scientific name is particularly interesting in this light.  The Greek ‘eremos’ means solitary or deserted and ‘bio’ to live – this moth lives a secluded life and was originally scarce enough to be considered a rarity.  The latter half of the binomial refers to the colouring of the moth’s wings: okrhos [pale yellow] and leukos [white].