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15 April 2015

16 April 2015 – Diversions and Digressions

The Streamer (Anticlea derivata)

This moth is The Streamer (Anticlea derivata), not an unusual visitor to the gardens but one that hasn’t been given any special attention.  First recorded at Shandy Hall in 2011, single specimens have turned up every year and my assumption was that the patterns on the moth’s wings reminded one of a banner or ribbon and it was named accordingly.  The derivata part of the scientific name tells us otherwise – derivo means to divert a stream (rivus) so the moth is named after the marking that starts halfway down the edge of the wing to its base.  If you look at the right wing it is the pattern from the word ‘pack’ to the word ‘eggs’.  A little rivulet of imaginary water.  The photograph doesn’t show the delicate purple colouring to the wing surface and I would have taken a better but The Streamer did not crawl obligingly onto the proffered leaf – it flew off the moment it was disturbed. 

The Streamer (larva)

The caterpillar of The Streamer is generally understood to feed on the leaves of the Dog Rose (Rosa canina) which leaves the individual above as a bit of an outsider as it seems quite happy munching Galium. 

The Streamer (illustration)

That diverted stream can be seen just above the word ‘The’ in the illustration.

Last night produced more moths than I was expecting – Early Thorn, Clouded Drab, Early Grey, Red Green Carpet, The Chestnut, Common Quaker and Small Quaker of which the most numerous were the Quakers.  No bats yet.  Too many rabbits.