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17 April 2018

17 April 2018 – Herald

Herald (Scoliopteryx libatrix)

A surprise clinging onto the back of an empty picture frame, in what serves as a garage for the mower, was an overwintering Herald.  What to do for the best? I know you are advised not to be concerned about preserving life-forms artificially, but I have generally believed that Androcles was behaving very sensibly when he extracted the thorn from the lion’s foot.  One good turn deserves another.  Who knows when I might need help from the brotherhood or sisterhood of moths? If I leave the Herald in the garage where I found it there is no easy way out. The garage shed is a bit disordered and as a result there are a large numbers of spiders and webs. If I leaned the frame against a wall outside, it could be too early in the year for the delicate insect – especially with the drops in temperature we have experienced this Spring.

I left the door ajar – it was gone in the morning.  What a beauty to start the year.