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18 April 2019

18 April 2019 – The Cold Moon

Streamer (Anticlea derivata)

Despite the heat of the day, the full moon and clear sky made the temperature drop last night and the 12 Hebrew Characters, a Satellite and this Streamer was the sum total to be found this morning.  The Streamer has been trapped, identified, photographed and recorded already and this link will take you straight to the page and a fuller report.  The two photographs are similar in that they show the moth in their egg-boxes.  The Streamer has a tendency to launch itself into the air if disturbed.  The other member of the Anticlea family is the Shoulder Stripe (Anticlea badiata) which was recorded a few weeks ago.

The weather forecast tells of even warmer days over Easter so I will try another trap on Saturday evening and see whether numbers and species improve.  Orange-tips have appeared after their eleven months as overwintering pupae and Brimstones flit around in a seemingly haphazard fashion – but it is moths we want to see.