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22 May 2019

22 May 2019 – Blondin of the Bushes II

Nemapotogon schwarziellus

The photograph in the previous posting reveals that the measured moth is more likely to be what the Norfolk Moths website refers to as the Sandy Long-horn (Nemapotogon schwarziellus).  Charlie Fletcher finds this variety more common than N swammerdammella – which is good news for Shandy Hall as it means that is another species to add to the list, taking the number up to 438.  Herr Schwarz was a German entomologist about whom I can find nothing other than he died in 1810.  Apparently the caterpillars live in movable cases (rather like a caddis fly I imagine) for eighteen months, feeding on dead leaves.

Schwarziellus seems not to be recorded in Humphreys and Westwood but there is a page of illustrations that show both the ‘metallics’ and the ‘non-metallics’ of the species as some have shiny wings that glint in the sun.

14. Adela swammerdamella / 15. A. panzerella /16. A. Robertella

The three longhorns selected in the illustration are described as ‘species with the wings destitute of metallic gloss’. The Swammerdamian (14) can be found ‘flying in swarms up and down like gnats’ during May and June.  The flowering stem is Rock Cress and possibly serves only as decoration.

PS.  Charlie Fletcher confirmed that moth 15 (panzerella) in the drawing was renamed as schwarziellus.  G W F Panzer (1755 – 1829) was a German entomologist.