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27 March 2019

27 March 2019 – Early Thorn

Early Thorn (Senaria dentaria)

Too many delays (and too many chilly evenings) so far this year but finally one moth insists on drawing attention to the fact that there is increasing activity in the garden and it is time to see what the moth trap will reveal.  

Leaving the kitchen light on accidentally overnight attracted an Early Thorn (Senaria dentaria) that was discovered next morning clinging to the window frame.  With its wings tightly pressed together, just like a butterfly, this Thorn can be distinguished from all others.  Its early arrival in the year follows overwintering as a pupa and there is often a second generation around July to September.  Last week I came across a hibernating Herald (Scoliopteryx libatrix) in the stable which nearly stirred me into action – this second prompt has done the job.

We had hoped to be continuing our partnership with University of Pennsylvania this year but alas! it is not to be.  For the past seven years we have had a resident student during the months of June and July.  Thanks to their careful photographing and research we have been able to keep a close check on the species identified and recorded.  Will we increase the number of new species this year?  435 is the count so far…