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28 June 2018

28 June 2018 – Flycatcher Predator

Barred Straw (Eulithis pyraliata)

After a day of mixed weather, the temperatures dropped extremely low on Wednesday night. Because of this, the trap was relatively empty when I checked it on Thursday morning, except for a smattering of some familiar friends.

A moth that I’ve encounter a few times now, but never been able to get a good picture of is the Barred Straw (Eulithis pyraliata). Even in rest, this moth is ready to zoom away at any given moment.

Light Emerald (illustration)

There was a Light Emerald (Campaea margarita) in the trap, however I couldn’t take a photo because I only noticed it just before it took flight. I tried to follow it with the camera, but it was soon in the tree tops, out of my reach. Not out of reach, however, for a Flycatcher perched on a nearby branch. There was a battle in the skies as the flycatcher swooped in for the kill, but the Light Emerald managed to dodge the bird and flutter away in the light of day, safe for now.

Time to set the traps for the National Gardens Scheme evening opening tomorrow.  Come and see how many species can be found in an English garden 

Post by: Gabriella Morace [U Penn intern]