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6 May 2018

6 May 2018 – One Pretty Streamer

Streamer (Anticlea derivata)

May is still early for many moth species – the rise in temperature of the last couple of days has brought out the butterflies but last night’s mercury vapour light attracted only 20 or so moths – mainly Clouded Drabs (Orthosia incerta) and Hebrew Characters (Orthosia gothica).  A couple of pugs have been confirmed as the variety known as Brindled (Eupithecia abberviata), identifiable by the misty overlay of brown on the wings.  This species was recorded last year for the first time at Shandy Hall – it must be on the increase.

The only other species of note was the reliable Streamer (Anticlea derivata) which has been photographed obliquely to try to show the pink tinge the moth carries on its wings.   

Brindled Pug (Eupithecia abbreviata)

Both of these pug moths are the same species – that line of brown colour just visible on the top (costal edge) of the moth’s wing (below) which confirms its identity.

A trap will be set in the quarry tonight in the hope of better rewards. 

Brindled Pug (Eupithecia abbreviata)