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7 February 2015

7 February 2015 – Miniatures

The woodpecker has been drumming all morning.  It has found a spot on a telegraph pole where some sort of metal plate is fixed, high up.  The plate amplifies the sound and presumably the bird is deeply satisfied.  Snowdrops and aconites are scattered over the garden.  No moths though.  A trap has been moved to the east of Coxwold in the hope of capturing a Small Eggar – the caterpillars have been identified – but nothing has turned up yet.

Here are two more haiku from the Moth Anthology project.  

Red Green Carpet (Chloroclysta siterata)

Nigel Hutchinson

summer’s green carpet

now a bearded chestnut fall

the sun’s arc passing


December Moth (Poecilocampa populi)

Rebecca Farmer

moths in Decembergather their cloaks about them -shouldn’t still be here