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Reading the past

Reading the Past

Reading the Past, Writing the Future is an educational project, devised by The Laurence Sterne Trust, which aims to encourage primary schools to visit their local church and to stimulate creative work inspired by the stories that can be found there.

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Good Humour Club

The discovery of a minute book from 1743 in the collection at Shandy Hall of a hitherto unknown society became the inspiration for The Good Humour Club.

The Good Humour Club project is part of the 300th anniversary celebrations of the birth of Laurence Sterne.

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Precious Cargo

The Precious Cargo project focuses on an interpretation of the “absent presence” Sterne had with his “muse”, Eliza Draper, before and during her long sea-voyage to India in 1767

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Dear Sterne

A collection of letters created by children using quill pens, ink, and hot wax during eighteenth-century letter writing workshops at Shandy Hall.

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Emblem of My Work

An exhibition to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the marbled page in ‘Tristram Shandy’.

169 artists and writers were invited to represent their work in a way similar to that which the 18th century writer Laurence Sterne left his individual mark of creativity in 1761.

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The Black Page

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of Vols I & II of Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne.

Page 73 of Volume I is a Black Page which marks the death of Parson Yorick. 73 writers and artists were asked to create their own ‘Black Page’ for exhibition and sale by auction.

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Paint Her to Your Own Mind

147 artists and writers were invited to ‘Paint Her to Your Own Mind’ and represent their idea of  ‘beauty’ on a blank page for exhibition and sale by auction.


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