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New Bust of Sterne

New Bust of Sterne


To round a corner at Shandy Hall and come upon Joseph Nollekens’ bust of Laurence Sterne ranks high among the pleasures of a visit to the house. The bust was modelled from the life in 1766 in Rome. ‘With this performance Nollekens continued to be pleased even to his second childhood,’ writes his biographer. In his portrait painted by John Francis Rigaud in 1772, Nollekens can be seen leaning upon his bust of Sterne.

Few of the original marbles are known to exist but, in celebration of Sterne’s tercentenary, Royston Jones, an expert in Neo-Classical art, has produced in plaster a version of the Nollekens in an EDITION OF TWELVE COPIES.

George Ramsden has kindly offered the tercentenary busts for sale for the benefit of the Laurence Sterne Trust.

Measurements: 21 x 13 inches (including the socle).

Price: £450 each, including V.A.T.

The cost of delivery to be borne by the buyer.

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