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Wings of Time DVD - out of stock

Wings of Time DVD

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Film maker: Thomas Newton

Released 2008

1 disc, Region free, 15 minutes

A passage from ?€?Tristram Shandy?€™ is the spark of inspiration for this visual exploration of the perception of time. In previous work ?€?Flatland?€™ and ?€?Wingbeats?€™, Newton has treated time as physical matter rather than as abstract concept. Here he turns his meditations to the village of Coxwold where Sterne lived whilst writing ?€?Tristram Shandy?€™, and especially to St. Michael?€™s Church where Sterne was appointed vicar in 1970.

Physically affected by its people, animals and weather, the Coxwold of today and Sterne?€™s Coxwold co-exist as time becomes as tangible and visual as the cogs of St. Michael?€™s clock.

The ?€?light clouds of a windy day?€™, the twist of a lock of hair, the dance steps of children or a fallen leaf trapped in a stream- through these images we can experience time from a different angle and break our perception of it as a linear phenomenon.


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