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The pleasure of the puffs

The pleasure of the puffs

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THE corporal had slipped out about ten minutes before my uncle Toby, in order to fix his apparatus, and just give the enemy a shot or two before my uncle Toby came.
His first intention, as I said, was no more than giving the enemy a single puff or two ; --but the pleasure of the puffs, as well as the puffing, had insensibly got hold of the corporal, and drawn him on from puff to puff, into the very height of the attack, by the time my uncle Toby joined him.

'Twas well for my father, that my uncle Toby had not his will to make that day.


Signed artist's proof

by John Lawrence

Image size 100mm x 75mm

Illustration from the Folio Society Edition of Tristram Shandy, 1970.

Page 346


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