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The wife of the chaise-vamper

The wife of the chaise-vamper

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The wife of the chaise-vamper step'd in, I told you, to take the papilliotes from off her hair 末the toilet stands still for no man 末so she jerk'd off her cap, to begin with them as she open'd the door, in doing which, one of them fell upon the ground末I instantly saw it was my own writing 末

O Seignieur! cried I 末you have got all my remarks upon your head, Madam!

J'en suis bien mortifi馥, said she 末'tis well, thinks I, they have stuck there 末for could they have gone deeper, they would have made such confusion in a French woman's noddle 末She had better have gone with it unfrizled, to the day of eternity.


Signed artist痴 proof

Image size 59mm x 100mm

Illustration from the Folio Society Edition of Tristram Shandy, 1970.

Page 403


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