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The wife of the chaise-vamper

The wife of the chaise-vamper

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The wife of the chaise-vamper step'd in, I told you, to take the papilliotes from off her hair --the toilet stands still for no man --so she jerk'd off her cap, to begin with them as she open'd the door, in doing which, one of them fell upon the ground--I instantly saw it was my own writing --

--O Seignieur! cried I --you have got all my remarks upon your head, Madam!

--J'en suis bien mortifiée, said she --'tis well, thinks I, they have stuck there --for could they have gone deeper, they would have made such confusion in a French woman's noddle --She had better have gone with it unfrizled, to the day of eternity.


Signed artist's proof

by John Lawrence

Image size 59mm x 100mm

Illustration from the Folio Society Edition of Tristram Shandy, 1970.

Page 403


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