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Sterne Studies

Study and Research

Study of Laurence Sterne and his works is always of interest to the Laurence Sterne Trust and is encouraged and supported wherever possible.

The Laurence Sterne Trust engages with educational establishments wherever Laurence Sterne is taught, as well maintaining contact with individuals who research Sterne.

The Shandean is an international scholarly journal, established in 1989, for the critical and historical investigation of all aspects of the work and life of Laurence Sterne. It is independently published by the The International Laurence Sterne Foundation (ILSF)

Back copies of Shandean Volumes 1-24 in cloth binding are available from our shop and in paperback via The International Laurence Sterne Foundation www.shandean.org

A complete list of Contents and Abstracts of volumes 1-32 is available on the ILSF website here