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Sterne’s works were ground-breaking in their time and continue to have a strong influence on writers and readers today. Tristram Shandy has never been out of print and continues to engage scholars, critics, writers and the general reader. Notification (or donations) of newly published critical works are very welcome. Please contact us.

Please find below a selection of modern criticism on Sterne, to find a specific item in The Laurence Sterne Trust Collection and use the search bar at the top right of this page.

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Adaptations of Laurence Sterne’s Fiction: Sterneana, 1760-1840

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Divine Rhetoric: Essays on the Sermons of Laurence Sterne

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Hilarion’s Asse : Laurence Sterne and Humour

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Laurence Sterne; From Tristram To Yorick. An Interpretation of Tristram Shandy

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Misfit Forms: Paths Not Taken by the British Novel

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The Reception of Laurence Sterne in Europe

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The Winged Skull Essays on Laurence Sterne

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Sterne, The Moderns and The Novel

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