Sterneana | Sterne in Coxwold

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Letter – 16 March 1760


The Right Honble the Earl Fauconberg


Date-stamped: 19 March

Remains of red wax seal

My Lord                                                                      Newborough 16th March 1760

Old John Raper was with me to Day, to desire I would acquaint your Lordship that he hath a Son that’s a Parson, if yr Ldship would be pleased to give him Coxwold Living, if so, he has an Organ of his own Making, which he wou’d make a present of to the Church; he hath a bad Character and has behaved very Ill for which Mr Hugill Discharged him from Smeaton; he’s now Curate for Mr Sterne at Sutton; We have had fine Seasonable Weather for this Fortnight past and the Roads are now very good I am

My Lord

Your Lordships Most
Obdt: Hble Servant

Richd:: Chapman

John Raper: John Raper was one of Lord Fauconberg’s tenants in Coxwold.

a Son that’s a Parson: William Raper, originally a farm boy from Coxwold was Sterne’s curate in Sutton, where his first entry in the parish register is dated 23 November 1759. He was not a university-trained cleric.

Living: the term used to describe a position in the Church of England.

Hugill: The Hugills were a family from Great Smeaton, several of whom held the local living. This particular member is not recorded in the Church of England database.