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The Beautiful Grisette, W. P. Frith, 1853.


This, oil on canvas, painting is inscribed on the back by the artist with the relevant passage from A Sentimental Journey and signed W.P.F 1853. The situation depicts Parson Yorick and the gloveseller in her Paris shop: ‘The beautiful Grisette look'd sometimes at the gloves, then sideways to the window, then at the gloves - and then at me. I was not disposed to break silence - I follow'd her example: so I look'd at the gloves, then to the window, then at the gloves, and then at her - and so on alternately. I found I lost considerably in every attack ----‘

Object history

Purchased in 1994 with assistance from The Art Fund

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21cm x 17cm


W.P. Frith