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Podroz Sentymentalna Przez Francje i Wlochy . (Polish Version of A Sentimental Journey)

This volume is fully bound in ox-blood coloured leather boards, hardback. The front and rear paste-downs are comprised of single sheets of white paper with a black geometric design with "BK" within the centre. The front paste-down has 2 labels on the top left hand corner; "Given to the Library by Anna Miescicka, Aug '97" and "From the Library at Shandy Hall. Printed on the reverse of the title page are the publishers, printers and copyright details.

Accession number CCWSH:0803
Category Book
Publisher Wydawnictwo Dolnoslaskie; PB Uslugi Wydawnicze; Smyk, Zofia; Pacyna-Kortyka, Renata
Date 1996
Dimensions height: 209 mm, width: 134 mm