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Ticket for Martin Rowson talk ‘The Waste Land’ – 10th September 2022


Shandy Hall Old Kitchen fireplace

Gift Tour of Shandy Hall – contact us to arrange

Carloyn Thompson What A Wilderness quadrant

What a wilderness it has been! A garland flower print by Carolyn Thompson


noses Tristram Shandy

Nose – Katrin Moye ceramic


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Katrin Moye Chamber pots 1-3

Chamber pots 1, 2 & 3 – Katrin Moye


Katrin Moye chamber pots side view

Chamber pots 4 & 5 – Katrin Moye


Yoricks Progress cover

Yorick’s Progress illustrated by Martin Rowson


The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy Gentleman


Endless Journey Tom Gauld

Endless Journey by Tom Gauld – new green issue


Rowson ASJ

A Sentimental Journey illustrated by Martin Rowson



A Moth Anthology


The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman.


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Sterne’s Memoirs


The Shandean volumes 1 – 24 (price is per volume)


The Flourish of Liberty exhibition catalogue


The Blank Page Catalogue

Paint Her to Your Own Mind catalogue


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The Black Page Catalogue

Black Page catalogue


Affecting Moments catalogue


The Dead Ass - Martin Rowson image of a donkey flying while playing an angelic harp above the head of an elderly man

A Sentimental Journey – 6 postcards (Martin Rowson)



Laurence Sterne and Shandy Hall – 6 postcards


Postcards - Female opinions on military tactics

Female opinions on military tactics – 6 postcards


newspaper postcards

The News Paper – 6 postcards


Voice from the Pulpit CD


Voice from the Pulpit performance DVD

Voice from the Pulpit performance DVD


‘Alas Poor Yorick’ CD by Roger Marsh


Rowson Sterne in Study

Yorick’s Progress: Sterne in his Study at Shandy Hall (signed)


Laurence Sterne A Head of his Time Donna Kemp

A Head of his Time


Page 7 (2009 version) from A Humument


Page 6 (2008 version) from A Humument


Page 12 (2009 version) from A Humument


JL Carr, The County Maps of England prints


Shandy Hall Guide book


5 Shandy Hall magnets

Set of five magnets


Shandy Hall garden guide

Shandy Hall Gardens – Guide and Plan


The Little book of Sterne: Quotations from Tristram Shandy.


ASTERISK* Poems by Paul Munden with photographs by Marion Frith


Coxwold Guide and History

Coxwold – Welcome to our Village


The Praise of Yorkshire Ale


Greetings card - Shandy Hall painting by James Ferguson

Greetings Card – Shandy Hall, from a painting by James Ferguson


Greetings Card - 'Fellow of Brazen-Nose College'

Greetings Card – F was a Fellow of Brazen-Nose College


Shandy Hall a Short Guide to the Grounds and Gardens


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