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What we do

Krauze Tristram Shandy maze

Artists and writers

Sterne's legacy, as well as to delight millions of readers, has been to stimulate writers and artists of all disciplines to produce new work. This continues to this day, and The Laurence Sterne Trust aims to foster this creativity.

HC productions

Exhibitions and events

The Laurence Sterne Trust holds regular events and exhibitions to promote interest in and enjoyment of Laurence Sterne and his work.

Moth Trapping intern


In partnership with other organisations, or when funding is acquired for such projects, The Laurence Sterne Trust can host residencies for artists, academics or other researchers on site.

Carlton Miniott School visit Shandy Hall H - JL Carr exhibition

Education and learning

A very wide range of educational activities are supported and run by The Laurence Sterne Trust, ranging from workshops and events for the public to visits by academic establishments of all levels.

Shandy Hall Berlin

International work

The Trust has promoted Laurence Sterne with interested parties all over the world, and forged particular links with the USA, Japan, and Germany.

Grinding out mortar Shandy Hall 2021

Maintaining Shandy Hall

Shandy Hall is a 600-year-old Grade I listed building, and requires a great amount of care, attention (and funds) to preserve and maintain it.