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The Shandean. Volume 11 1999=2000. An annual volume devoted to Laurence Sterne and his Works.

This volume is fully bound in green book cloth/buckram. The front and rear paste-down's and free end-pages are comprised of single sheets of pale grey paper. To the rear of the volume are 3 pages of advertisments. On the last advertisment page are the printers details. Articles in this volume are: 1) Lorincz Szerne in Hungary by Hartvig, 2) Five Papers from Dublin edited by New, 3) The Decentering of Man in Tristram Shandy by Gobel, 4) Horticultural Wars; Tristram Shandy and Upon Appleton House by Keymer, 5) Laurense Sterne and 'the gutter of Time', 6) Laurence Sterne and the Chiasmus of Double Desire by Kraft, 7) Sterne in the Future Tense by New, 8) Narrativity and Stasis in Martin Rowson's Tristram Shandy by Richter, 9) Re. Richter's Rowson by Rowson, 10) Apropos Doors, Janus and Tristram by Washington, 11) Sterne and Russian Fictional Memoirs 1770-1790 by Lobytsyna, 12) Crassous, Sterne, and Translation Theory by Souple, 13) Conceived in Heaven; The Astronomy and Astrology of Tristram Shandy by Nockolds, 14) Three Sentimental Journeys by New and 15) Thomas Twining Reads Tristram Shandy by Bandry and Santovetti. Followed by Notes, Queries and Reviews.

Accession number CCWSH:1189k
Category Book
Publisher Smith Settle
Date 1999
Dimensions height: 253 mm, width: 172 mm