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The Shandean. Volume 16 November 2005. An annual volume devoted to Laurence Sterne and his Works.

This volume is fully bound in green book cloth/buckram. The front and rear paste-down's and free end-pages are comprised of single sheets of pale grey paper. To the rear of the volume are 2 pages of advertisments. On the last page are the printers details. Articles in this volume are: 1) Observations on the First Public Screenings of Michael Winterbottom's Tristram Shandy; A Cock and Bull Story by Gow, 2) Towards a Catalogue of Illustrated Laurence Sterne by Gerard and Frient-Kessler 3) Ten Letters from Yorick to Eliza; A New Edition, edited by New and de Voogd, 4) Yorick and Smelfungus; Two Martyrs on the Threshold of the Gods by Campbell-Ross, 5) Reading Tristram Shandy in the Brothel; The 'Episcopal Contagion' and Nocturnal Revels by Williams, 6) Tristram's Dialogue with Death and Thomas Patch's 'Sterne and Death' by Patrick. Followed by Notes, Queries and Reviews.

Accession number CCWSH:1189p
Category Book
Publisher Smith Settle
Date 2005
Dimensions height: 253 mm, width: 172 mm