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The Letters

Missing manuscripts and forgeries are scattered throughout the history of Sterne’s correspondence. The collection at Shandy Hall contains editions dating from the first collection of ‘Yorick’s Letters to Eliza’ to the University of Florida Press edition, edited by Melvyn New and Peter de Voogd (2 vols 2009).

Please find below a selection of different editions of The Letters. To find a specific item in the Shandy Hall Collection search the Catalogue.

letters CCWSH:0510

Letters of Laurence Sterne, Lewis Perry Curtis. Oxford University Press, 1935

letters CCWSH0459

The Letters of Laurence Sterne; Selected with an Introduction by R. Brimley Johnson. First edition, 1927

letters CCWSH0306

Letters of the Late Rev. Mr. Laurence Sterne, To his most Intimate Friends. 1775

seven letters written by sterne

Seven Letters Written by Sterne and His Friends. Hitherto Unpublished. Edited by W. Durrant Cooper FSA. London, 1844

Letters volume 8

The Florida Edition of the Works of Laurence Sterne. Volume 8. The Letters, Part II. 1765-1768

letters vol 7

The Florida Edition of the Works of Laurence Sterne. Volume 7. The Letters, Part I. 1739-1764