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10 September 2022

Martin Rowson’s talk on The Waste Land

Martin Rowson will talk on his work as a cartoonist, and about his graphic novel version of T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land” 10 Sept 2022 at Shandy Hall.

origami crown and boots

1 May–30 September 2022

Locke Unlocked

Locke Unlocked: A Look at John Locke’s An Essay Concerning Human Understanding – Full information This exhibit was created in conjunction with the Bodleian Libraries, Oxford, where it was first displayed in Spring 2022.   It can be viewed at Shandy Hall free by appointment until 30 September.

1 May–25 September 2022

Martin Rowson’s The Waste Land

2022 – The Centenary of the publication of The Waste Land, T.S Eliot’s poetic response to the aftermath of The First World War. But what does it mean? Join detective Chris Marlowe on the case, in Martin Rowson’s Raymond-Chandleresque graphic novel version, to investigate (and parody) the great modernist classic. Rowson’s original artwork for the […]