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Laurence Sterne’s chair


18th-century mahogany chair believed to have been used by Laurence Sterne. A brass plaque to the rear of the seat, possibly added by Jesus College on acquisition of the chair in the 1920s, reads ‘Hic sedebat Laurentius Sterne’ (‘here used to sit Laurence Sterne’). Some repairs to the chair.


The chair was kept by successive vicars at Coxwold, then in Highgate, before being offered to Jesus College in the 1920s.


View details from Jesus College, Cambridge of a letter from E. Welbourne of Emmanuel College to Percy Gardner Smith “concerning the possible acquisition of a chair once owned by Laurence Sterne by the College from one Basil W. Batchelor”. See also a letter dated 9th March 1928 from Arthur Scott, uncle of Basil, “describing how the family had acquired the chair through Arthur’s father Rev. George Scott, vicar of Coxwold, who got it from his predecessor the Rev. Thomas Newton who in turn had succeeded Laurence Sterne when he was vicar of Coxwold.” (Letter dated 10th September 1926.)


The college paid Basil Batchelor £50 for the chair. Read more from Jesus College.

Accession number

On loan from Jesus College, Cambridge.

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