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The Starling by Adeline Newman


The papier mache model of Laurence Sterne sits upon a model chair enclosed in a glass case that measures 56 x 41 x 57 cm.

Purchased following correspondence with Angela Sykes who relayed the following information in an email :

‘I have spoken to Ernest, Brown and Phillips, who operated as the Leicester Galleries from 1902.The Leicester was an art gallery for seventy five years and held exhibitions of modern British and French artists. Matisse, Picasso and Pissarro had their first solo exhibitions in England there. It was regarded as one of the top art galleries in London. Nevinson, Bomberg, Henry Moore and Epstein were amongst other emerging artists who exhibited there too. During the gallery’s long existence their summer exhibitions became an important feature of the annual calendar of events. Adeline Newman exhibited at their summer exhibition in 1938 with her Laurence Sterne model and also her Literary Group, which at that time was priced at the princely sum of 100 guineas (todays equivalent would be about £5000). I do not have the price details for Laurence Sterne. Detailed information is included in the two articles I have attached. My intention was to sell the model and as a museum trustee myself in Wiltshire I knew that I should approach your trust first of all. I was considering a price of £380.’

Accession number



c. 1938


Newman, Adeline

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