Wooden table thought to belong to Laurence Sterne.

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An 18th century table thought to have belonged to Laurence Sterne.


The table is believed to have belonged to Sterne, but was sold along with the rest of his furniture after his death in 1768. It was bought by the local innkeeper and handed down through his family until it came into the ownership of Miss Gladys L M Coleman of Helmsley. When she heard about the Trust, she said, 'I'd like it to come home', and so it was presented to the Trust in 1969. The table is wooden and has a small drawer which opens to the front with two brass handles. There is also a keyhole where a space has been carved out for a lock although there is not one present.

Object history

Donated in 1969.

Accession number



Width 50.8cm
Height 68.6cm
Depth 44cm