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2 August 2012

1 August 2012 – Moth Trapper’s Calendar

August Thorn – (Ennomos quercinaria)


Harvest approaches with its busy day

The wheat tans brown and & barley bleaches grey

In yellow garb the oat land intervenes

& tawney glooms the valley filled with beans

This was the case in 1825 when John Clare was writing his Shepherd’s Calendar but in 2012, as squall follows shower and downpour follows fitful burst of sun, we get in the harvest spirit by celebrating the new month’s arrival with the moth of its name – Ennomos quercinaria or August Thorn.  Ennomos from the Greek meaning ‘lawful’ or ‘within the law’ and quercinaria referring to the oak, food plant of the caterpillar.

Carry Akroyd

Last night’s trap produced a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours of moths which Carry Akroyd has sketched and will be using in a work over the next few days in the gallery.  The Willow Beauty, Mother of Pearl, Brimstone, Drinker and Acleris forsskaleana should all appear.

For details of Carry Akroyd exhibition ‘FOUND IN THE FIELDS’ visit the Laurence Sterne Trust website.

Carry Akroyd sketch book page