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12 June 2014

12 June 2014 – Meadow Neb

(Metzneria metzneriella)

This moth was a puzzle.  Fortunately Charlie Fletcher recognized it as Metzneria metzneriella for, had he not done so, we would still be trying to discover its identity.  It is more easily identifiable from above when the spots on the fore-wings are more apparent.  It is named after Herr Metzner – a civil servant and enthusiastic moth collector who died in Germany in 1861.  The moth feeds on knapweed and is known as the Meadow Neb.  I can’t find it illustrated in Westwood/Humphreys so when it was first identified is a mystery to me.  Helen Levins had posted this species on our blog two years ago and I missed seeing it.  Not a new species, but not a bad photograph.

Bowen Chang (our U of Pennsylvania intern) is beginning to get used to the routine of setting the trap and his help will be invaluable as there are three set for tonight – a garden in Marygate (York), the Museum Gardens (York) and the old quarry (Coxwold).  It isn’t windy, it isn’t raining, so all we have to do is set the alarm.