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18 October 2011

17 October 2011 – Green-brindled Crescent

Green-brindled Crescent (Allophyes oxyacanthae)

It is such a pleasure to identify a new species to arrive at Shandy Hall and on Saturday night two Green-brindled Crescent moths were drawn to the light trap. Allophyes oxyacanthae is the Latin name coming from the hawthorn (Cratageus oxyacantha) that the caterpillar often feeds on. Allophyes  means ‘changeful in nature’. ‘Brindled’ refers to the streaky, tabby markings and the ‘green’ part is far more magical than the colour might suggest as this moth is sprinkled with a light coating of almost iridescent green that allows it to blend in with moss and lichen extremely convincingly.

However there were only four moths in total – the moon and the clear skies both conspiring to keep the numbers down. (I need to check the other two to find out if they too can be recorded as new species.)  

The apples photographed in the last posting have all been pressed at Husthwaite apple press and the juice is now on sale – if you are passing.