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18 July 2012

18 July 2012 – Wait is Over for 2 New Species

 Crambus pascuella

We did not set the trap last night due to the weather but we’ve received feedback on past catches. This brings us two new species.

Crambus pascuella came on Tuesday. It was so energetic that I could only take its picture from within a container. Krambos means ‘dry’ or ‘parched’ from the yellowish brown color of some of the species in this genus; pascuum means ‘pasture’, its habitat.

Twin-spot Carpet (Perizoma didymata)

The Twin-spot Carpet (Perizoma didymata) came to us on Monday night. It had combed-tooth antennae and a two dark blotches on the corners of its wings. We’ve come across Perizoma before; it means ‘girdle’ for the markings that wrap around the body. Didymus means ‘twin’ or ‘double’ for the dark spots on the forewings.

I’ve also made changes to the post Monday 18 July. Udea prunalis has been confirmed. We can’t be certain of the Scrobipalpa acuminatella without dissecting it and you know how we feel about that…

Current count: 211

-Post by Helen Levins