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8 January 2013

7 January 2013 – Overwintering

This is what the caterpillars are doing – overwintering.  In November they started to spin cocoons in the corners of the plastic container, one by one.  A couple of others decided a leaf was more to their liking and the silken threads anchored the leaf to the bottom of the container.  At first I thought they must be pupating – but, if they were, the moths that would hatch must be very small and they wouldn’t have long to pupate and hatch into their flighty selves before the winter came.  I hadn’t realised the caterpillars might overwinter when they were so small.  Presumably they will come out of their hibernation in Spring, resume eating and pupate accordingly.  Assuming they survive.  No further trapping at the moment – the odd December moth comes to the window but hardly a glimpse of moth-life in the headlights.  We overwinter as well.  Happy New Tercentenary Year.