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7 September 2012

7 September 2012 – Knot-horn and Button

New Pine Knot-horn (Dioryctria sylvestrella)

Helen Levins, our student intern from UPenn, was particularly good at identifying a new moth using the field guides.  She would have spotted this in half the time it took me this morning.  I think the identification is correct although it seems that this species, Dioryctria sylvestrella, is by no means common and can be confused with other members of similar species.  The Greek (dioruktes) refers to the larva’s habit of boring into pine trees.  The moth didn’t object to being disturbed and was quick to settle again.  The ‘Knot-horn’ name was found on the Norfolk moth records site.  It doesn’t say who gave the moth this name, or when, but presumably it was after it was first recorded in Dorset in 1991.

Dark-triangle Button (Acleris laterana)

Acleris laterana

 is another new species for Shandy Hall – the total now stands at 240.  This tortrix moth varies in its appearance, but I am confident that Dave Chesmore will agree that it has been correctly identified.  The laterana refers to the brick-like reticulate forewing pattern, suggestive of a brick wall.  ‘Dark-triangle Button’ seems somewhat less than convincing as a name.